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In the third, and final, installment of our three-part webinar series with the American Farmland Trust we discuss best practices for creating policies that support dual-use solar development. Once again, we sit down with BlueWave’s Head of Sustainability, Drew Pierson, BlueWave's Director of Civic Engagement, Lucy Bullock-Sieger, and Dr. Emily Cole, New England Climate & Agriculture Program Manager of the American Farmland Trust. This week, they breakdown land acreage needs to accomplish conservation, agricultural, and solar energy goals in New England and identify the collaborative planning tools and policies needed to make these goals a reality. They also explore the pillars and fundamental principles of Dual-Use solar and how they’re being applied throughout Massachusetts, New England, and beyond.

Advancing Sustainable Solar Policy: BlueWave and the American Farmland Trust present together on best practices for creating policies that support dual-use development.

Make sure to check out Parts I and II of our Dual-Use series with American Farmland Trust.

Part I: Why Isn't There More Rooftop Solar?

Part II: Sustainable Solar Development

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Lucy Bullock-Sieger
Lucy Bullock-Sieger

Lucy Bullock-Sieger: Director of Civic Engagement, BlueWave Solar. Read Lucy's full background here.

Co-Panelist: Drew Pierson, Head of Sustainability, BlueWave Solar. Read Drew's full background here.


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