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Making your community's energy profile more resilient and reliable

We are working to give communities the tools to be less reliant on fossil fuels and move towards a clean energy future.


What is energy storage?

Energy storage collects surplus energy from the grid during the day when demand is low, stores it, and sends it back to the grid when demand is higher, at night.

Energy storage is an important tool to a clean energy future. Currently, the grid uses power plants to supply the grid at high demand points. Adding storage makes communities less reliant on power plants and less susceptible to power outages at peak demand times, like during a heat wave.

Types of energy storage

Energy storage can be utilized for a variety of use cases

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    Increase resilience by adding energy storage (or solar and energy storage) to a community on municipally owned properties or multi-family affordable housing.

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    Utility Infrastructure

    Eliminate the need for new fossil fuel infrastructure by instead building clean energy alternatives with energy storage.

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    Commercial & Industrial

    Lower operating costs and reduce curtailment for large electricity users by reducing peak demand.


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