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Project Map

We are pioneering solar developers committed to developing the highest quality projects and maximizing benefits for the communities we serve.

The solar farms identified are not necessarily owned by a BlueWave company. Annual offset equivalencies are estimates based on the approximate first year kWh output value for the project and average annual U.S. home energy consumption as determined by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (Annual Energy Outlook 2018, Neither BlueWave nor customers will receive renewable energy or environmental attributes from BlueWave’s solar development projects or community solar subscriptions.

Construction team in front of solar panels.
Development Activities

From farm to grid. Fresh, local community solar delivered to your neighborhood.

At the core of everything we do is a commitment to the communities we work with, live in, and support. For each of our projects, we believe in balancing the benefits of solar development with efforts to protect environmental resources and preserve local character.

Solar Development

We are thrilled to partner with BlueWave Solar not only to take advantage of guaranteed savings in energy costs, but also to keep moving forward our efforts to Green our city, Marlborough.

Arthur Vigeant - Marlborough Mayor & Chair of the Marlborough Community Development Authority

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