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Our Mission & Vision

We're on a mission to revolutionize energy with simple, powerful solutions.

We believe that every home, business, and community can be part of the energy revolution—and we're here to make this belief a reality.

The BlueWave Difference

BlueWave is a mission driven organization, and whether you are a landowner interested in developing on your land, a resident of a town where BlueWave is applying for a permit, or a prospective investor, you can expect your experience with BlueWave to reflect our core values. The values, do it right, do it together, do it boldly, and do it with purpose drive BlueWave’s unique approach to development and are always reflected in our project considerations.

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We Do It Together

People First

Our philosophy is always to put people first and we do so by showing up as a member of the communities we serve. We host community meetings with a focus on learning about resident concerns, work with landowners to create a vision for their land and put together a development model that aims to keep farmers on farms. We share energy saving benefits with the local communities where possible through community solar.

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We Do It Right

Agriculturally Focused

We are a business with regenerative goals. We have a commitment to including dual-use practices that support healthy land wherever possible, even where there are no market incentives encouraging us to do so. This commitment has led us into projects like Grafton, a landmark agrivoltaic project in Massachusetts, and more recently, the first agrivoltaic project in Maine, where we are researching how crop cultivation performs within a solar array.

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We Do It With Purpose

Community Centered

We are committed to partnership with Indigenous communities to build their input and the history of the land into account in our development practices.

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We Do It Boldly


Since our founding in 2010, we have had a history of pushing the industry towards meaningful growth. We have helped the industry address fundamental challenges, pioneering practices like community solar and dual use solar at scale and bring that same spirit to stand alone storage project development.

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We are a B Corp embodying values to be a force for good.

Intersectional & Transformative

We believe we can not address the climate crisis without addressing the impacts the energy industry has on marginalized communities and are committed to expanding access to renewable energy. We hold ourselves accountable to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion through our social impact committee. We know we are not perfect but strive to continue to improve through learning.

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Our Team

We're a passionate team working toward a better future for the planet.

What's it like to be in the BlueWave crew? We show up every day on a serious mission, but we can't reach our goals without teamwork, friendly competition, and just plain fun.

Our Team
Our History

Ride the wave down memory lane

Read More About Our Roots
Our Founding

2010: Our Founding

Our founders knew that a better tomorrow starts with solar access today, and founded BlueWave with the vision of protecting the planet by transforming access to renewable energy.

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Solar Development

2011: Solar Development

We launched our solar development business with our first small contract in Massachusetts—and we mean really small.

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South Africa

2012: South Africa

BlueWave established a project development pipeline of approximately 500MW utility-scale solar projects in South Africa, the timing of construction of these awarded sites depends on the South African Government’s re-activation of the renewables programme.

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Pioneers in Community Solar

2014: Pioneers in Community Solar

We wanted our solar offerings to be a better choice for consumers, so we worked with regulators to bring community solar into the marketplace and started signing up customers for savings.

Community Solar Project Services

2018: Community Solar Project Services

Beyond our own projects, BlueWave began to offer comprehensive community solar services to national developers, infrastructure funds and other institutional long-term asset owners.

Commercial & Industrial Solar

2019: Commercial & Industrial Solar

We began financing home residential solar installations through our trusted installer network, but over time we saw a greater need in providing options for commercial property owners so in 2019 we introduced options for commercial & industrial property owners to lease their rooftops as community solar sites.

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Where We Develop
Where We Develop

We believe that solar goes best on land that's already been developed. We work with communities to find sites for solar farms that complement the local economy without detracting from the local habitat.

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Memberships & Awards

BlueWave is a proud member of

BlueWave is grateful to have earned these awards

  • 2019 - #1 Boston Business Journal Fastest Growing Private Company in MA

  • 2019 - Top 500 on Inc 5000 List

  • 2018 - Northeast Clean Energy Council Clean Energy Company of the Year

  • 2018 - Northeast Energy and Commerce Association Innovator of the Year

  • 2017, 2018, 2019 - Inc. 5000 List

  • 2017, 2018, 2019 - Boston Business Journal Fast 50 List

  • 2017, 2018, 2019 - B Corp Certified

  • 2015 - PV America Photovoltaic Project of Distinction Award (Sullivan's Ledge)


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