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Owning and maintaining a community solar project is complicated enough. But when you add customers to the mix, the task of ongoing customer acquisition, management, engagement, and retention can quickly turn into a web of complexity that many solar asset owners are not set up to handle. BlueWave dealt with this problem in our early days of project development over a decade ago and we learned a lot of lessons along the way. Today we offer customer acquisition and management services to our partners throughout the solar industry.

In the latest BlueWave BluePrints video, BlueWave’s president and co-founder, Eric Graber-Lopez, shares insights on some key considerations for solar asset owners looking to work with a service provider. He distills it down to four pillars that are the foundation for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention, and will help keep solar projects profitable for asset owners.


BlueWave Blueprints is a video series exploring the ever-expanding world of community solar. In each episode we sit down with different BlueWave experts to discuss various aspects of community solar, from customer engagement and billing to utility coordination and credit management. Each episode offers unique insights, building towards a better understanding of the important role of community solar service providers.

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