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In collaboration with the American Farmland Trust, BlueWave is launching a three-part webinar series exploring best practices for combining solar development, farming, and land conservation efforts. The series will bring together experts on policy, land use, and sustainable solar development to discuss how these efforts can be combined to achieve mutual benefits. With aggressive greenhouse gas targets to meet across New England, this discussion comes at an especially important time. We need to work together to deploy innovative and scalable land management and clean energy development practices to meet these targets and address climate change together.

The first segment in our series tackled common misconceptions of greenfield solar development and identified the benefits and limitations of rooftop solar development. The panelists for this discussion were Emily Cole, PhD., New England Climate & Agriculture Program Manager, American Farmland Trust; Drew Pierson, Sr. Director, Sustainability, BlueWave Solar; and Alan Robertson, Sr. Director, Commercial & Industrial Project Development, BlueWave Solar.

Watch the webinar below and make sure to tune in over the next few weeks to catch Part II and Part III of our discussion.

Why Isn't There More Rooftop Solar? BlueWave Solar and the American Farmland Trust present together on April 29, 2020..

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Alan Robertson
Alan Robertson

Alan Robertson: Senior Director of Commercial Solar, BlueWave Solar. Read Alan's full background.

Co-Panelist: Drew Pierson, Head of Sustainability, BlueWave Solar. Read Drew's full background.


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