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We are excited to announce BlueWave's values award winners for 2022! These team members have embodied one, or all, of our core values: we do it right, we do it boldly, we do it together, and we do it with purpose.

We do it right: We pursue everything we do with transparency and integrity
Winner: Claire Loe, Interconnection Engineer

Claire has demonstrated how to do things right everyday by considering different perspectives when engaging with people internally and externally, Claire is always thorough in her work, able to answer any question you throw at her, able to take the lead, and pay attention to every detail.

We do it together: We solve problems within a collaborative work environment.
Winner: Ann Droppers, Application Support Manager

Ann is all about getting involved and helping others perform at their best by perfecting the tools we use everyday. Ann asks questions, looks for feedback, and solves challenges before they happen, helping us all to work more collaboratively.

We do it boldly: We seize opportunities to innovate while holding ourselves to the highest standard of excellence.
Winner: Colin Sexton, Director of Solar Development

Colin is always steering BlueWave forward: helping streamline team communication, diving headfirst into projects in new markets, taking a bold approach in pushing through adversity in the development process, and maintaining a calm, can-do attitude no matter the obstacle.

We do it with purpose: We are driven to transform the way the world is powered for generations to come.
Winner: Kaitlin Hollinger, Policy Manager

Kaitlin is a master at seeing the bigger picture even when digging through the weeds. She works everyday with purpose and intention to create positive impact through their work pushing policy, participating in the YW Boston DEI Cohort, planning retreats with the ComCom. Kaitlin is always willing to teach and empower others how to make a difference.

The Leadership Award: Established this year, 2022, the Leadership Award recognizes a team manager or seasoned individual contributor who has demonstrated their passion for BlueWave's mission and culture through significant achievements, mentorship, leadership and integrity
Winner: Kavita Ravi, Managing Director of Grid Integration

Kavita works with passion, integrity, and a deftness that only comes with numerous experience in their field. Kavita is a leader who advocates for their team and fights for what’s right. Additionally, she makes time to connect personally with their colleagues, is an excellent mentor, and puts in the work to help others and the company succeed.

The Transformer Award: The Transformer Award was established in 2016 to recognize an employee who has made significant contributions and who has helped revolutionize BlueWave to achieve drastic improvements in the organization's effectiveness
Winner: Marco Addonizio, Solar Development Associate

Marco is always helping brainstorm problems, lending a hand to coworkers, thinking outside the box, and bringing a sense of fun to the equation no matter what problem he is solving for. Marco has transformed inefficiencies into efficiencies through his skill in modeling, and ME market knowledge. To quote one of the nominations, “Is there anything this guy can’t do?!?!”

Jessica Forcello


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