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Boston, Massachusetts - BlueWave has been named to the Real Leaders ‘100 Top Impact Companies’ list for a second consecutive year, this year ranking as the #15 most impactful company in the world. The list, published by Real Leaders and Big Path Capital, is an annual ranking of positive impact companies that are “applying capitalism for greater profit and greater good.” This is the first year the list has been expanded internationally to recognize leading social impact businesses around the globe. Last year, on the inaugural list from Real Leaders, BlueWave ranked as the #12 most impactful company in North America.

The top 100 ranking was calculated using a formula to determine each eligible company’s “Force for Good” score: three-year growth rate (%) x 2018 revenues x B-impact assessment score. According to Real Leaders, the average growth rate of companies on the top 100 list was 1,157%. BlueWave reported 923% revenue growth between 2015 and 2018.

“We cannot wait for politicians to solve the world’s problems,” says Mark Van Ness, Founder of Real Leaders. “Leaders in our everyday lives, including business leaders, are stepping up to fill the leadership void through their impact companies to benefit society.”

“We need nothing short of an energy revolution to mitigate the worst effects of climate change,” said John DeVillars, BlueWave’s Co-Founder and Chairman. “We’re in business to make that change possible. As a solar project developer, we’re actively adding clean, renewable power to the global energy mix with nearly 135 MW of solar developed in Massachusetts alone. But that’s not all. Through our work as a community solar service provider we’re making it possible for more residents, businesses, and communities to access the benefits of solar. That means less reliance on other, dirtier power sources and a healthier environment for generations to come.”

“Our vision at BlueWave of protecting the planet by transforming access to renewable energy means that we work every day to leave this planet better than we found it,” added Trevor Hardy, BlueWave’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We are proud to have made the list for our second year in a row, this year ranking #15 alongside an impressive list of 100 companies we admire for their dedication to doing business for good.”

As a certified B Corp, BlueWave has received recognition for its work to protect the planet, including being named the Clean Energy Company of the Year in 2018 by the Northeast Clean Energy Council, and the 2018 Energy Innovator of the Year by the Northeast Energy and Commerce Association. BlueWave has also received national recognition for its explosive growth in recent years being named the #1 fastest growing private company in Massachusetts by Boston Business Journal in 2019 and making the Inc. 5000 list in 2017, 2018, and 2019.


About BlueWave

BlueWave is a Certified B Corp on a mission to revolutionize energy with simple, powerful solar solutions. As a pioneering solar developer and leading community solar service provider, BlueWave has built more than 135 MW of solar projects to date and provides community solar access to thousands of customers. BlueWave’s innovative community solar subscriptions make it possible for homeowners, renters, small business owners, and municipalities to be part of the energy revolution. BlueWave’s cutting-edge Switch Platform enables solar asset owners and installers to conveniently manage their customers while giving those same customers an easily accessible online dashboard to sign up, manage their subscriptions, and review their account activity.

About Real Leaders™

Real Leaders™ is the world’s first sustainable business and leadership magazine. Its mission is to inspire better leaders for a better world — a world of far-sighted, sustainable leaders who thrive by creating solutions to the great challenges of our time. Real Leaders™ is a signatory in the United Nations Global Compact and an advocate for achieving the global goals for sustainable development. Real Leaders™ sponsors over 40 mission-aligned global events annually and are active impact investors. Real Leaders™ positions leaders to thrive in the new economy and to inspire the future.

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